Computer Graphics MCQ(Multiple choice questions)

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MCQs of computer graphics or Graphics and Multimedia

1.) Which one is non-emissive device?

  1. Thin-film electroluminescent displays
  2. Liquid -Crystal displays
  3. Light-emitting diode
  4. Gas-discharge displays
Answer: b

2.) Aspect ratio for high-definition systems is

  1. 1280 by 1024   
  2. 980 by 1024 
  3. 1024 by 980 
  4.  640 by 480

Answer: a

3.) In the Mid-point circle algorithm, when the decision parameter value is less than zero, one of the following is not correct,

  1. x value increased, y value decreased.
  2. Both x and y value increased
  3. x value only increased
  4. y value only increased
Answer: c

4.) By adding a filled semicircle to each butt, cap is called

  1. Projection Square Cap
  2. Round Cap
  3. Mitter Join
  4. Bevel Join
Answer: b

5.) If a region is interior-defined, then all the pixels on the region boundary are 

  1. Background color
  2. Multi value or color 
  3. Unique value or color
  4. Polygon color
Answer: c

6.) The algorithm that fills interior boundary regions are referred to as

  1. Fill algorithm
  2. Flood Fill algorithm
  3. Seed Fill algorithm
  4. Ordered Edge list algorithm
Answer: b

7.) What type of picture elements is used in Digital Half toning?

  1. Gray scale color 
  2. Monochrome 
  3. RGB 
  4. HSV
Answer: a

8.) Which method is used multiple intensity levels to obtain visual resolution. 

  1. Antialiasing 
  2. Patterning 
  3. Bi-level display technique
  4. Ordered dither
Answer: a

9.) In clockwise processing, an outside-to-inside pair of vertices following the boundary as

  1. Window boundary 
  2. Polygon boundary 
  3. Clipping boundary 
  4. Screen boundary 
Answer: b

10.) A labeled set of output primitives in PHIGS is called

  1. Object 
  2. Class
  3. Structure 
  4. Element Pointer 
Answer: c

11.) Which method is used to construct and positing a Straight Line

  1. Rubber-Band Method
  2. Dragging Method 
  3. Paint Method
  4. Run length encoding Method
Answer: a

12.) Unequal values for Sx and Sy are represent as follows

  1. Uniform Scaling
  2. Differential Scaling 
  3. Fixed Point Scaling 
  4. Origin scaling  

Answer: b

13.) Describing interior properties of an object is representing?

  1. Boundary representation
  2. Space-Partitioning representation 
  3. Interior representation
  4. Polygon table representation
Answer: b

14.)How to write the Cartesian Super ellipse equation?

  1. (x/rx)2/s + (y/ry)2/s = 1 
  2. (x/rx) + (y/ry) = 1
  3. x2 + y2 = r2
  4. x2 + y2 – r2 = 0
Answer: a

15.) Two colors sources combine to produce white light, which is referred to as?

  1. Primary Colors
  2. Complementary Colors
  3. Secondary colors
  4. Color Matching
Answer: a

16.) Which one is correct expansion of NTSC? 

  1. National Telecommunication System Cooperation
  2. North Toronto Ski Club
  3. National Talent Search Cooperation
  4. National Television System Committee

Answer: d

17.) One image is transformed to another image is called 

  1. Kinematic
  2. Morphing
  3. Tweening
  4. Vector Drawing
Answer: b

18.) Which algorithm is used to compress a video 

  1. Real-Time Video 
  2. Codec
  3. Discrete Cosine Transform
  4. Jpeg

Answer: b

19.) OCR Device Stands for 

  1. the Optical Character Recognition 
  2. Optical Character Research
  3. the Optical Character Reader 
  4. Optical Character Recorders 

Answer: a

20.Media Forge tools are belongs to

  1. Image-Based Authoring Tools
  2. Time – Based Authoring Tools
  3. Object-Oriented Authoring Tools
  4. Icon-Based Authoring Tools

Answer: c

21. …….. is the practice by which an object is drawn by fixing (one or more) points, and then stretching the remain points out connected by a one or lines that grow and shrink according to various properties.

a) Gravity
b) Grid
c) Dragging
d) Rubber banding

Answer: d

22. __________ allows screen positions to be selected with the touch of a finger.
a) Touch panels
b) Image scanner
c) Light pen
d) Mouse

Answer: a

23. What voice the use of voice system?
a) To initiate graphics operation
b) To enter data
c) Neither a nor b
d) Both a and b

Answer: d

24. When a circle is subjected to translational sweep, a ……… is formed.

a) Cylinder
b) Sphere
c) Cone
d) Ellipse

Answer: a

25. A triangular strip connected with 50 triangles connects

a) 49
b) 52
c) 50
d) 48

Answer: b

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