Top 30 Apache Cassandra Questions and Answers

This is a set of 32 Cassandra Questions and Answers. Please NOTE that all questions and answers are based on our research and self-study.

Cassandra Questions and Answers

Q. 1. How does Murmur3Partitioner work?
Ans: Fast hash-based partitioner

Q. 2. Partitioners supported by Cassandra are __.
Ans: All of the options mentioned

Q. 3. Which collection type in Cassandra is the dictionary-like object?
Ans: Map

Q. 4. Which OS does Cassandra support?
Ans: Both Windows and Linux

Q. 5. The protocol for communicating timeout info among nodes is __.
Ans: NTP

Q. 6. What can be used to monitor clock drifts?
Ans: NTP

Q.7. The process of turning a Memtable into an SSTable is called
Ans: Flushing

Q. 8. What can also be attributed to the wide row in Apache Cassandra?
Ans: Compound Key

Q. 9. What is the critical bottleneck faced during the creation of the data model?
Ans: Hot Spots

Q. 10. User accounts may be altered and dropped using the __ Query Language.
Ans: Cassandra

Q. 11. Which among the following is not a performance measurement tool?
Ans: None

Q. 12. Partitioned data in Cassandra can be looked up using __.
Ans: Partition Key, Primary Key

Q. 13. Which technique is used for error correction for every compressed block?
Ans: CRC

Q. 14. Each flush of the memtable results in the creation of __.
Ans: Sstable

Q. 15. A cluster is __.
Ans: A collection of data centers

Q. 16. The minimum JVM version required for Cassandra is __.
Ans: 1.6

Q. 17. Replication can be configured to work across __.
Ans: one or more Data Centers

Q.18. In Cassandra, data is first written to __.
Ans: Commit Log and Memtable

Q. 19. What is the use of a commit log?
Ans: Crash-recovery

Q. 20. The primary key is a column that is used to uniquely identify a row.
Ans: True

Q. 21. __ is a collection of related nodes.
Ans: Cluster, Ring

Q. 22. In Cassandra consistency is achieved through consistency tuning mechanisms.
Ans: True

Q. 23. How does Cassandra store data?
Ans: By dividing all data evenly around a cluster of nodes, which can be visualized as a ring. — Correct

Q. 24. CQL features include __.
Ans: All of the options mentioned

Q. 25. Which of the statements is true?
Ans: All of the options mentioned

Q. 26. Which of the following statements is true?
Ans: All of the options mentioned

Q. 27. NoSQL db – Cassandra is of type __.
Ans: Wide-column stores

Q. 28. Which collection type is used to maintain the uniqueness of the data structure?
Ans: Set

Q. 29. Cassandra supports ACID transactions?
Ans: False

Q. 30. Cassandra promotes __ operation.
Ans: Read-before-write

Q. 31. Which of the following is not part of SSTable?
Ans: Memtable

Q. 32. There are __ types of read requests that a coordinator can send to a replica.
Ans: 3

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