ORACLE APEX Overview 2023

Oracle Apex stands for Oracle Application Express. Oracle Application Express is a low-code and fast Web application development tool that allows developers to create web-based applications quickly and easily. It is a fully-supported, web-based mechanism that is included with Oracle databases and is also handy with any web browser. Its new Release 23.1 was released on May 17, 2023

NoSQL Database Revolution Question And Answers 2023

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Oracle PL/SQL Interview Questions 2022

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SQL Interview Questions And Answers 2022

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PL/SQL Interview Questions

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Package in PL/SQL and PL/SQL Transactions

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Trigger in PL/SQL – PL/SQL Tutorials

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Cursor in PL/SQL – PL/SQL Oracle Tutorial

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Function in PL/SQL – Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial

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Procedures in PL/SQL – Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial

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