NoSQL Database Revolution Question And Answers 2023

This is 25 question set of NoSQL Database Revolution Question And Answers. Please NOTE that all questions and answers are based on our research and self-study.

What is NoSQL? It is an approach to database design that enables the storage and querying of data outside the standard structures found in (RDBMS) relational databases.

Q.1. Hbase main server components include all except _
Ans: HBase Memstore

Q.2. In column-oriented stores, data is stored on a basis.
Ans: Column Family

Q.3. In Hbase, ‘Columns’ are named and specified in the table definition.
Ans: Fales

Q.4. HBase Tables are divided _ by row key range into…
Ans: horizontally – regions

Q.5. Columnar databases are preferable for OLTP systems.
Ans: False

Q.6. Cassandra allows defining composite Primary Keys.
Ans: True

Q.7. Pre-join projection is equivalent to traditional relational systems.
Ans: Materialized view

Q.8. In a column database, a row is uniquely identified by __.
Ans: Row-key

Q.9. In Cassandra, the _ determines how many copies of the data will be maintained across multiple nodes.
Ans: Replication factor

Q.10 The column store has to perform _ IO to insert a new value.
Ans: as many disk blocks

Q.11. The row store needs to perform _ IO to insert a new value.
Ans: Single

Q.12. In a columnar database, the columns are stored together on disk, achieving a higher compression ratio is an expensive operation.
Ans: False

Q.13. A column database is used to store __ versions of each cell.
Ans: Multiple

Q.14. NoSQL databases are designed to expand _

Ans: horizontally   

Q.15. The horizontal scaling approach tends to be cheaper as the number of operations and the size of the data increase.

Ans: True   

Q.16. distributes different data across multiple servers.

Ans: Sharding   

Q.17. Limitations of RDBMS are …

Ans: Scalability/Database design complexity     

Q.18. Full-form of ‘CRUD’ is _.

Ans: Create-Read-Update-Delete

Q.19. Key-value pair data storages include all except.

Ans: Network Attached Storage

Q.20. Cassandra has properties of both and __

Ans: Google Bigtable / Amazon Dynamo

Q.21. A Riak convergent replicated data type (CRDT) includes

Ans: Maps/Sets/Counters

Q.22. A Key-value store does not support Secondary Indexes.

Ans: False

Q.23. The RDBMS ‘table’ equivalent terminology in Riakis.

Ans: bucket

Q.24. In MongoDB, there is a similar feature of ‘like’ expression as like RDBMS

Ans: False   

Q.25. The MATCH clause is roughly equivalent to the clause in SQL and the RETURN clause to a _ clause.

Ans: Where, Select

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