CRM MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

This is the first set of CRM MCQs. What is CRM?- CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, It is a combination of business, strategies, software, and processes that help in building a long-lasting relationship between companies and their customers.

1. Technology can help in…

Ans: D. all of the above ( designing direct marketing efforts, developing new pricing models, processing transactions faster )

2. CRM requires a clear understanding of….

Ans: Customer focus

3. Classification and regression are the properties of…

Ans: data mining and machine learning

4. The most basic level of a product is called the

Ans: Core product

5. Operational generally refers to

Ans: Taking care of customers

6. The project manager owns the project from point of view of

Ans: Customers

7.___ exerts the broadest and deepest influence on buying behavior.

Ans: cultural factors

8. Third step in customer value analysis

Ans: assessing company performance and monitoring competitors performance

9. Marketing strategies are often designed to influence——– and lead to…………………….

Ans: Consumer decision making and lead to profitable exchanges

10. Process of managing information about customers to maximize loyalty is said to be

Ans: Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

11. Anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that…

Ans: product

12. What is the last stage of the consumer decision process…

Ans: Post-purchase behavior

13. Which of the following is not involved in data mining?


14. Consumers who always buy the same brand are called _

Ans: hardcore loyal

15. Contact management maintains contact information using?

Ans: an address book or an Excel or Google spreadsheet with entries

16. No single vendor currently provides all the required

Ans: application

17. Sales automation functionality might include

Ans: forecasting

18. CRM is an integrated management system focused on

Ans: Customers

19. Which of the following is not involved in data mining

Ans: Data Transformation

20. There are two methods for distributing sales leads

Ans: push or pull

21. This is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as age, gender…

Ans: Customer Segmentation

22. Search Engine optimization is used to Improve…

Ans: Ranking

23. Whole Cluster of benefits When Company


24. Inventory and back office system integration must be…


25. Marketing managers should adapt the marketing mix to __ and constantly monitor value changes and differences in both domestic and differences in both domestic and global markets.

Ans: Cultural values 

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