Azure Management Tools MCQ

This is the set of 15 Azure Management Tools MCQs for your basic knowledge of Azure.

1. Which cloud offering focuses on the consumption of services?

Ans: SaaS  —  Correct

2. Which of the following statements are correct?

Ans: All the options mentioned  —  Correct

3. Which one of the following services is a NoSQL data store?

Ans: Tables  —  Correct

4. You can view the latest data center map and Pay as You Go subscription information in (the)?

Ans: Azure Dash Board  —  Correct

5. In which operating system, we can use Azure PowerShell?

Ans: Windows OS  —  Correct

6. Azure is Microsoft’s ____ as a Service Web hosting service.

Ans: Infrastructure  —  Correct

7. In which operating system, we can use Azure CLI?

Ans: All the options mentioned  —  Correct

8. High available applications are________.

Ans: All the options mentioned  —  Correct

9. When using Azure Resource Manager, you can use a _______________ for deployment, which can build identical environments for different work scenarios such as testing, staging, and production.

Ans: Template  —   Correct

10. The new Azure Portal is accessed using ___________.

Ans: https:\\   —  Correct

11. If you have to replace your current on-premise services in the form of virtual machines, then you can use Microsoft Azure cloud categorized as______.

Ans: IAAS   —  Correct

12. Which of the following is the older service management model, where cloud services contain your cloud resources?

Ans: Classic Portal  —  Correct

13. Which of the following web applications can be deployed with Azure?

Ans: All the options mentioned  —  Correct

14. Azure Storage plays the same role in Azure that ______ plays in Amazon Web Services.

Ans: S3 —  Correct

15. How do you register a user control?

Ans: Add Src, Tagprefix, Tagname — correct

azure management

Azure Management Tools MCQ Azure Management Tools MCQAzure Management Tools MCQ

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