MongoDB MCQs 2022

This is a set of 25 questions of MongoDB MCQs. All questions and answers are based on our research and self-study. If you missed the latest MCQs post on our site please visit once.

1.) Which is the method used to terminate certain operations after examination

2.) Which is the method in MongoDB that removes one or more roles from a user on the current database

3.) Which can be used to check the replica set configuration?

4.) Which of the following will help to identify long-running queries

5.) In MongoDB …….. is the operator limits the contents of an array field from the query

6.) Which model is used when there is contains relationships between entities

7.) Which of the following in MongoDB is a system that can help identify inefficient queries and operations.

8.) Which of the following in MongoDB can limit the size of the result document for a query operation.

9.) Which method is used to return information for all users associated with a database.

10.) Default size of Chunk in MongoDB _________________?

11.) Find the correct answer from the following In the absence of Primary, replica set cannot accept this operation

12.) Which is the method to check the size of the log for a given replica set member.

13.) In MongoDB ………….helps to synchronize data across multiple servers.

14.) Database profiler writes data in ___________________

15.) DB.isMaster() can be used to check connected node is primary or not

16.) The chunk operations performed on the background is __

17.) Which indexes use planar geometry when returning results.

18.) Which of the following is a capped collection

19.) Choose the data model which allows applications to store related pieces of information in the same database record

20.) Which of the following command is used in Determining Indexes Sizes and details of Indexes for Product Collection

21.) In MongoDB these are used to index array data

22.) Which is the method used to create Index in MongoDB

23.) Which is the Index used for multiple fields

24.) Which of the following method is used to create an Index in MongoDB

25.) Find the command which removes the user from the current database.

Answer Sheet for MongoDB MCQs

Question NumberQuestion Answer
1.)Answer.) db.kill
2.)Answer.) db.revokeroles from user
3.)Answer.) rs. conf()
4.)Answer.) currentop
5.)Answer.) ELEMmatch
6.)Answer.) embedded
7.)Answer.) profiler
8.)Answer.) limit
9.)Answer.) getusers
10.)Answer.) 64mb
11.)Answer.) WRITE
12.)Answer.) printrepinfo
13.)Answer.) rep
14.)Answer.) All of the above
15.)Answer.) db.ismaster
16.)Answer.) split and balance
17.)Answer.) 2d Indexes
18.)Answer.) system.profile
19.)Answer.) embedded
20.)Answer.) DB.PRODUCTS.STATS()
21.)Answer.) Multikey Index
22.)Answer.) db.ensureIndex()
23.)Answer.) Compound Index
24.)Answer.) db.ensureIndex()
25.)Answer.) db.dropuser()

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