Mongo DB Question and Answers

This is a set of 25 questions of Mongo DB Question and Answers. All questions and answers are based on our research and self-study. If you missed the latest MCQs post on our site please visit once.

1.) Which is the method used to check the current length of replication lag?

2.) Which is the command to Check the Size of the oplog.

3.) In MongoDB identify the command which adds a shard with a sharded Cluster

4.) In MongoDB which is the storage measure used by master’s oplog?

5.) From the following find the background process that keeps chunks from growing too large.

6.) The ……….. is the command that returns a document that provides an overview of the database’s state.

7.) Find the command which forces MongoDB to use a particular index for a db.collection.find() operation

8.) Find a technique of splitting up a large collection among multiple servers

9.) Which is the method used in MongoDB to Grant user

10.) In MongoDB explain() option shows the number of documents looked for a query

11.) Which of the following in MongoDB provides information for various lock types and lock modes held during the operation.

12.) In MongoDB …………….. represents the number of times the operation had to wait for the acquired count.

13.) By default MongoDB Automatically logs slow queries above ….. ms to the log

14.) Which will be a command to return information on query plans and execution statistics of the query plans

15.) Choose the indexes to index the content stored in arrays

16.) Which of the following is supported for backing up and restoring MongoDB deployments

17.) Choose the operations that can be captured by the database profiler?

18.) Which of the following will control the amount of logging output that Mongo DB writes to the log.

19.) From the following find which will provide more even data distribution across the sharded cluster

20.) Which model is used to describe references relationships between documents

21.) Mongo client will generate……. command to initiate a new replica set.

22.) TheIn MongoDB, _ helps to synchronize data across multiple servers. Choose the correct answer from the below list

23.) In DataProfiler …….. will show to indicate there is no index use.

24.) Find the command that forces MongoDB to use a particular index for a db.collection.find() operation.

25.) Mongo client will generate _ command to initiate a new replica set.

Answer Sheet of Mongo Db

Question NumberQuestion Answer
1.)Answer.) rs.printSlaveReplicationInfo()
2.)Answer.) rs.printReplicationInfo()/ printreplication info
3.)Answer.) addShard
4.)Answer.) MB
5.)Answer.) chunking
6.)Answer.) Serverstatus()
7.)Answer.) hint()
8.) Answer.) Sharding
9.)Answer.) db.grantRolesToUser()
10.)Answer.) SCAN
11.)Answer.) system.profile.locks
12.)Answer.) system.profile.locks.acquireWaitCount
13.)Answer.) 100
14.)Answer.) explain
15.)Answer.) Multikey
16.)Answer.) ALL
17.)Answer.) CURSOR
18.)Answer.) Systemlog
19.)Answer.) horizontal
20.)Answer.) ALL
21.)Answer.) initiate
22.)Answer.) Replication
23.)Answer.) executionstats.nreturned
24.)Answer.) hint()
25.)Answer.) rs.initiate()

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