Oracle PL/SQL Interview Questions 2022

This is the 2nd set of the Oracle PL/SQL interview questions series. Oracle PL/SQL is an advanced version of SQL. There are given a top list of PL/SQL interview questions…

Package in PL/SQL and PL/SQL Transactions

Here, we have discuss the Package in PL/SQL and also different types of Transaction in PL/SQL database with suitable examples.

Trigger in PL/SQL – PL/SQL Tutorials

Here, we have discussed the trigger in PL/SQL, what are they, their types, how to create, how to delete them, and many more things with suitable examples.

Cursor in PL/SQL – PL/SQL Oracle Tutorial

Hola! Friends, I hope you guys are doing good. In this article, we will discuss the Cursors in PL/SQL How it works. If you missed the previous article of function in PL/SQL.…

Function in PL/SQL – Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial

Hi! Friends, We are back with the new content of Function in PL/SQL in Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial series. Please also read the previous post about Procedures in PL/SQL. Let’s get…

Procedures in PL/SQL – Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial

In this article, we have discussed the procedures in PL/SQL, how to create with, and delete with suitable examples.

Arrays in PL/SQL – Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial

Here, we introducing Arrays in PL/SQL, What is array, how to create or declare them in PL/SQL block with example And also some FAQs.

Loops in PL/SQL (Loops + Control Statements)

In this post, we will discuss the of Loops in PL/SQL. There may be many situations when you need to execute a block of code several times. Generally, the statements are…

Conditional Control Structure in PL/SQL

In this article, we will discuss if else in pl/SQL and case in Oracle PL/SQL. You will learn how to use the PL/SQL IF statement to either execute or pass over a sequence of…

Operators in PL/SQL – Oracle PL/SQL Tutorials

In this article, we will discuss operators in PL/SQL of Oracle PL/SQL tutorials. Here we have presented all operators and their examples. If you missed the previous article of PL/SQL…