Microservices Questions

These are some Microservices reference questions that may appear in your interview or any other subjective exams. Please note that all questions and answers are based on our research and self-study. If you missed the latest MCQs post on our site please visit once.

What are Microservices?

Microservices are a form of service-oriented architecture style (one of the most essential skills for Java developers) wherein applications are built as a group of different smaller services instead of one whole app.

1.) Benefits of Microservices include.

2.) Software built as microservices can, by definition, be broken down into multiple component services?

3.) Decomposition of Microservices based on 2 categories namely

4.) Complexity of account to disadvantages of Microservices

5.) Is Microservice is considered a subset of SOA?

6.) The 3Cs of Microservices include all of these except __

7.) Scenarios where the client takes onus & is responsible for determining the network locations of available service instances

8.) The client expects a timely response from the service and might even block while it waits for represents__________client service interaction styles

9.) AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is an example of a ______

10.) Which ensures to insulate the applications by acting as a barrier

11.) Microservices support different kinds of databases and this is called __.

12.) Amazon EC2 Container Service is an example of ____

13.) The 2 components of CQRS include______________

14.) IDL stands for __________

15.) Efficient Utilization & Fast Deployment represent which pattern of Multiple Services per

16.) Service Instance per Host pattern provides ____

17.) In __, each external request is tagged with a unique identifier which is passed to all services involved in handling the request and included in application logging

18.) Caching helps in improving the performance of the system?

19.) In Microservices, the API Gateway takes care of the security aspect by rendering ____

20.) Which pattern collects & reports all exceptions to a centralized exception tracking service

21.) Which of this does not represent caching types_______________

22.) Benefits of Microservices include –

23.) Caching helps in improving the performance of the system?

24.) In Microservices, the API Gateway takes care of the security aspect by rendering ____

25.) Simple to Develop, Test, Deploy, Scale represents –

26.) Agile development & Deployment is difficult in the case of –

27.) The 2 types of Service Discovery only include Client-side & server-side discovery? –

28.) API Gateway ensures –

29.) The services communicate with each other internally –

30.) Helps to control & limit the number of consecutive request failures crossing a threshold –

Answer Sheet for Microservices Questions

1.)Answer.) All the options
2.)Answer.) True
3.)Answer.) Business capability, Subdomain
4.)Answer.) developing, testing & deploying the distributed systems,
Handling partial failures
5.)Answer.) TRUE
6.)Answer.) control
7.)Answer.) Client-side
8.)Answer.) synchronous
9.)Answer.) server-side discovery
10.)Answer.) API gateway
11.)Answer.) Polyglot persistence
12.)Answer.) Docker
13.)Answer.) Query & command side
14.)Answer.) Interface definition language
15.)Answer.) Host pattern
16.)Answer.) All
17.)Answer.) Distributed tracing
18.)Answer.) TRUE
19.)Answer.) Access tokens
20.)Answer.) Exception tracing
21.)Answer.) Server cache
22.)Answer.) ALL
23.)Answer.) true
24.)Answer.) Access tokens
25.)Answer.) Mono
26.)Answer.) Monolithic
27.)Answer.) True
28.)Answer.) All
29.)Answer.) Both Messaging and Remote Procedure invocation
30.)Answer.) Circuit breaker

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