Azure Essentials Assessment

We are showing in this post-Azure Essentials related MCQs. Azure is just another set of cloud services that are used to construct, organize, and accomplish applications through Microsoft’s globally spread network of data centers.

1.) Which cloud offering focuses on the consumption of services?

Answer.) SaaS

2.) High available applications are…

Answer.) All the options mentioned

3.) In which operating system, we can use Azure CLI?

Answer.) All the options mentioned

4.) When using Azure Resource Manager, you can use a ___ for deployment, which can build identical environments for different work scenarios such as testing, staging, and production

Answer.) Template

5.) Which of the following is the older service management model, where cloud services contain your cloud resources?

Answer.) Classic Portal

6.) The new Azure Portal is accessed using…

Answer.) https:\

7.) In which operating system, we can use Azure PowerShell?

Answer.) windows

8.) To how many resource groups can a resource be added?

Answer.) 1

9.) Which one of the following services is a NoSQL datastore?

Answer.) tables

10.) Which of the following statements are correct?

Answer.) All the options mentioned

11.) You can view the latest data center map and Pay as You Go subscription information in (the) __?

Answer.) Dashboard

12.) Default Private IP address allocation method is.

Answer.) dynamic

13.) ExpressRoute connections enable access to the…

Answer.) All the options mentioned

14.) Microsoft uses industry-standard ___ dynamic routing protocol to exchange routes between your on-premises network, your instances in Azure, and Microsoft public addresses.

Answer.) EGP

15.) ____ is used to route the traffic between virtual machines inside your private virtual network

Answer.) Azure Internal Load Balancers

16.) Which Azure networking component is the core unit from which administrators can have full control over IP address assignments, name resolution, security settings, and routing rules?

Answer.) Virtual Networks (VNETs)

17.) Which connection configuration offers faster speeds, higher security, lower latencies, and higher reliability?

Answer.) ExpressRoute

18.) When should you use a static IP address?  

Answer.) DNS server

19.) A subnet is a range of IP addresses in a…

Answer.) VNet

20.) Azure Virtual Machines only support VM’s running Microsoft Windows operating system

Answer.) False

21.) Azure supports both .vhd and .vhdx file formats for Virtual Machines

Answer.) false

22.) Which of the following helps Azure maintain a high availability and fault tolerance when deploying and upgrading applications?

Answer.) Availability set

23.) Most types of resources can be moved to a different resource group at __

Answer.) Anytime

24.) Which of the following Windows Server roles is not supported on Azure Virtual Machines?

Answer.) – Hyper-v B26

25.) You need to deploy a virtual machine on Azure with a low memory entry-level requirement. Which virtual machine sizes should you consider choosing?

Answer.) G1 – G5

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