CRM MCQs Set-2

This is the second set of CRM MCQs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) multiple choice questions and answers, Solved mcqs for Customer Relationship Management (CRM),Customer Relationship Management (CRM) MCQ questions quiz on CRM


1. The operational provides support to

Ans: front-office

2. System engineer primary role is to do

Ans: technical support

3. Brand reputation helps a website stand out from its

Ans: competition

4. The careful implementer will adopt a

Ans: piloting approach

5. Which of the following is true for classification

Ans: a subdivison of a set

6. Cross-selling is the process of 

Ans: encouraging customers to purchase products

7. From a hard ROI perspective, can truly result in revenue or cost savings through


8. Difference between customers evaluation including all costs incurred and benefits is called

Ans: Customer perceived value

9. A firm identifies the target market, needs and wants of customer through

Ans: Marketing Research

10. What is the last stage of consumer decision process?

Ans: post-purchase behavior

11. Customer Relationship Management is about

Ans: All the options

12. the First step in the analysis of customer value is to

Ans: identify customers’ value attributes

13. Perceived monetary value of all benefits which customers expect from a given product
because of brand image is called

Ans: total customer benefit

14. In relationship marketing firms focus on _ relationships with _

Ans: long-term; customers and suppliers

15. _ is the fundamental determinant of a person’s wants and behaviour

Ans: Culture

16. Indian marketers use a term called socioeconomic classification, which is based on the __
of the chief wage earner.

Ans: education and occupation

17. CMS stands for

Ans: content management system

18. All costs the customer expects to incur to buy any market offering are called

Ans: total customer cost



20. The main drawback of is

Ans: all options are valid

21. An operational system is which of the following

Ans: A system that is used to run the business in real-time and is based on current data

22. Customized products and services for customers and interaction with individual customers are part of

Ans: customer relationship management

23.__ marketing has the aim of building mutually satisfying long-term relations with key parties
such as customers, suppliers, distributor

Ans: Direct

24. Which one of the following is key to building lasting relationships with consumers?

Ans: Customer satisfaction

25. A person or company that yields a revenue more than

Ans: Profitable customers

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