Capgemini Interview Questions of PL/SQL 2024

This is a set of 30 Capgemini Interview Questions of PL/SQL of L1 level or 1st round technical for experienced persons. Please note here all mentioned questions are based on our own experience.

Capgemini Interview Questions of PL/SQL

1. Rate yourself from 1 to 10 for PLSQL and SQL.

2. What are the differences between SQL and PL\SQL?

3. Do you know Performance tunning?

4. Suppose Yesterday’s query was running fine today it stopped what will be your approach?

5. What are joins?

let’s take an example:

Table ATable B
What will be the output of this using inner join?

7. write a program to print 10,20,30,40,50 as column.

8. What is a correlated subquery?

9. what are the cursor, types explained?

10. Write a query to delete duplicate records.

11. Write a query about max salary of the employee.

13. What are the differences between a statement and a query?

14. If we are inserting a table and want to save the log, how can we do that?

15. Do you know the mutating trigger?

16. What is the cursor output?

17. What is a ref cursor?

18. Do you know how to update the cursor?

19. write a program to sum of salary of 10 employees without using the sum keyword.

20. What is union, union all, intersect? with example output.

21. What is decode and in what case do you have hands-on experience?

22. Can we write a procedure in the package body that is not present in the specification?

23. How to print 3 null values at the first of a table?

24. Can we write DML statements in a PL/SQL function?

25. How to handle null values in insert statements using an exception block?

26. What are rowid and rownum?

27. What are different views in SQL?

28. what is pragma autonomus transtions?

29. Do you know LPAD, RPAD?

30. Have you worked on SQL loader?

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capgemini interview questions capgemini interview questions

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