Blockchain MCQs

This is a set of 30 questions of Blockchain MCQs. All questions and answers are based on our research and self-study. If you missed the latest MCQs post on our site please visit once.

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1.) Blockchain which is popularly known as ‘for the people, by the people and of the people” is

2.) Mainly how many types of blockchains have emerged after bitcoin introduced blockchain to the world?

3.) Bankchain is an example of__________

4.) Digital assets must always be tangible

5.) Bitcoin network would make it impossible to bypass the traditional financial intermediaries

6.) The three concepts used to explain the foundation of blockchain are

7.) Consortium Blockchain provides a faster and more protected ecosystem than a Private Blockchain?

8.) Private Blockchain is a de-centralized type of Blockchain?

9.) BlockChain provides __________ a database of every transaction involving value

10.) The value of coins ( litecoin, bitcoin) is the same at a particular time

11.) The two types of cryptography are_________ .

12.) We can buy cryptocurrency

13.) Encryption reduces data security

14.) The value of cryptocurrency is independent of market conditions such as supply and demand

15.) Name the first cryptocurrency with computing power contribution?

16.) Encrypted text is also known as

17.) HASH can be used to validate the input?

18.) Which among the following is the most flexible cryptocurrency?

19.) We may use bitcoin for purchasing merchandise as well?

20.) The higher the computational power, the lower is the difficulty in mining

21.) The rate of generation of new bitcoins is constant

22.) The output of Hashing is popularly known as

23.) Bitcoins can be purchased in exchange for services

24.) Which among the following are the advantages of using Bitcoin

25.) The sender and the receiver in a transaction provide miners with a fee

26.) Which platform could gain its best use case from the financial service industry?

27.) Ether provides greater flexibility than Bitcoin does

28.) The first smart contract platform is

29.) Which of the following platform(s) provides a modular architecture?

30.) New bitcoins are released every time a transaction is verified

31.) Which platform could gain its best use case from the supply chain industry?

32.) Ethereum is a digital currency

33.) Number of bitcoins to be ever created would depend upon demand-supply in the market?

34.) _________________________ records all the transactions in a blockchain.

35.) A transaction without verification in bitcoin could be fastest accomplished in how much time?

36.) One bitcoin could be divided down to __________ decimal point.

37.) One symbol could be substituted with a key using a substitution cipher.

38.) Blockchain could soon replace central banks.

39.) Blockchain could prevent robustness and transparency in the post-trade environment

40.) China and Russia were amongst the first few countries to promote bitcoin in their economy?

Answer Sheet of Blockchain MCQs

Question NumberQuestion Answer
1.)Answer.) Public
2.)Answer.) 3
3.)Answer.) Private
4.)Answer.) False
5.)Answer.) False
6.)Answer.) Ledger,  Digital assets, business networks
7.)Answer.) True
8.)Answer.) False
9.)Answer.) Open decentralized
10.)Answer.) False
11.)Answer.) Asymmetric and Symmetric
12.)Answer.) False
13.)Answer.) False
14.)Answer.) False
15.)Answer.) Grid coin
16.)Answer.) Cipher Text 
17.)Answer.) True
18.)Answer.) Ether
19.)Answer.) True
20.)Answer.) False
21.)Answer.) False
22.)Answer.) Digest
23.)Answer.) True
24.)Answer.) All
25.)Answer.) False
26.)Answer.) R3 Corda
27.)Answer.) True
28.)Answer.) Ethereum
29.)Answer.) Hyperledger
30.)Answer.) True
31.)Answer.) Hyerledger
32.)Answer.) False
33.)Answer.) False
34.)Answer.) Block
35.)Answer.) Instantaneous
36.)Answer.) 8
37.)Answer.) False
38.)Answer.) True
39.)Answer.) True
40)Answer.) False

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