Optimization Technique Mcqs

This is the set of MCQs on optimization technique.

1.) The formula for calculating expected time in PERT is ________.

optimization technique

2.) ________ is defined as the difference between the latest finish and earliest finish time of the activity.

(a) Free float
(b) Independent float
(c) Total float
(d) Slack.

3.) In pure integer programming problems, the optimum values are ______

(a) all values are integers
(b) All values are either zero or one
(c) Some are non-integer values
(d) all are not integers.

4.) In Zero one programming, the optimum values are _____
(a) all values are integers
(b) All values are either zero or one
(c) Some are non-integer values
(d) all are not integers.

5.) The construction of the fractional cut does not require the slack variables to be integers.
(a) True
(b) False
(c) Some times true
(d) none of these.

6.) A fractional cut may eliminate an integer feasible point as long as it is not the optimum integer.
(a) True
(b) sometime false
(c) False
(d) none of these.

7.) Economic order quantity results in
(a) Reduced stock-outs
(b) equalization of carrying cost and procurement cost
(c) favorable procurement price
(d) none of the above.

8.) In the ABC analysis, C items are those which have
(a) Low unit price
(b) Low usage value
(c) Low Consumption
(d) High consumption.

9.) For an item with storage cost of each item Rs.1, set up cost Rs.25, demand 200 unit per month Cmin is

(a) Rs.100
(b) Rs.400
(c) Rs.500
(d) Rs.300

10.) Given the following data, demand=800 units, cost of the item=Rs.40, inventory Carrying cost =40%, Backorder cost=Rs.10, Ordering cost=Rs.300 then q* is

(a) 500 units
(b) 456 units
(c) 565 units
(d) 645 units

11.) (M/M/1) model is known as
(a) Poisson model
(b) Birth death model
(c) Exponential model
(d) multiserver model.

12.) The utilization factor under the multi-server model is

optimization technique

13.) Peep-hole optimization is a form of
(a) loop optimization
(b) local optimization
(c) data flow analysis
(d) constant folding

14.) A compiler for a high-level language that runs on one machine and produces code for a different machine is called
(a) optimizing compiler
(b) one pass compiler
(c) cross compiler
(d) multipass compiler

15.) The time by which activity completion time can be delayed without affecting the start of succeeding activities, is known as
(a) duration
(c) total flat
(c) free float
(d) interfering float.

16.) In a certain project, activity C can only be started when activities A and B have been completed, which have no bearing on each other and can be started independently. The correct network for the activities is
(a) Activities A and B can be started independently
(b) Activity C can be started only on completion of activity A
(c) Activity D can be started only on completion of the activity
(d) all the above

17.) ————-time take a considerable amount of time to transport the items from one facility to another.
(a) Transportation 
(b) Maintenance crew
(c) sequencing
(d) processing

18.) Critical path method
(a) is an improvement upon the bar chart method
(b) provides a realistic approach to daily problems
(c) avoids delays which are very common in bar charts
(d) All the above

19.) A sequencing problem involving six jobs and three machines requires evaluation of
(a)(6!+6!+6!) sequences
(c)(666) sequences

20.) EOQ means_____________
(a)EconmicalOrder Quantity
(b)Economically Order Quality
(b)Econmical undo Quantity
(c)Econmical undo quality

The answer of Optimization Techniques MCQs

01.) D
02.) C
03.) A
04.) B
05.) B
06.) C
07.) B
08.) C
09.) A
10.) B
11.) B
12.) A
13.) D
14.) C
15.) C
16.) D
17.) A
18.) D
19.) B
20.) A

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