Mindtree Interview Questions for PL/SQL 2024

This is a set of 15 Mindtree Interview Questions for PL/SQL. Please note here all mentioned questions are based on our experience.

Mindtree Interview Questions for PL/SQL
  • Q. What are Hard parse and soft parse?
  • Q, What is an Index? there types?
  • Q. What is the default index?
  • Q. What is the B-Tree index?
  • Q. What are hints in SQL?
  • Q. What is a global variable? How it is used?
  • Q. Can we write without the PLSQL package without specification, if yes then why do we use this kind of program?
  • Q. What is a temp table? and its use.
  • Q. What is the global temp table? and its use in PLSQL.
  • Q. What is a ref cursor?
  • Q. How many triggers can be applied to a table?
  • Q. How does parallel hint work?
  • Q. What is the exception handling in PLSQL?
  • Q. Types of exception handling?
  • Q. What are the attributes of implicit exception handling?
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