AWS Essentials Questions and Answers- Fresco Play

This is a set of AWS Essentials Questions and Answers. Please NOTE that all questions and answers are based on our research and self-study.

AWS Essentials – Fresco Play Questions and Answers

1.) When to choose C4 instances?

A.) Low compute and High Memory footprint
B.) High compute and High memory footprint
C.) Low compute and Low Memory footprint

Answer.) High compute and Moderate Memory footprint

2.) You are using an S3 bucket through which you are running a photo-sharing website. It is
found that some of the other site owners also use your bucket URL causing a loss to
your business. How will you protect your bucket content from unauthorized usage?

A.) Deleting data after usage
B.) Firewall rules
C.) None of the options
D.) Utilize bucket policies, ACLs, and user policies

Answer.) Utilize bucket policies, ACLs, and user policies

3.) When you need to move data over long distances using the internet, for instance across
countries or continents to your Amazon S3 bucket, which method or service will you

A.) Amazon Glacier
B.) Amazon Snowball
C.) Amazon CloudFront
D.) Amazon Transfer Acceleration

Answer.) Amazon Transfer Acceleration

4.) What does S3 stand for?

A.) Super Storage Service
B.) Storage Simple Service
C.) Simple Storage Service
D.) Single Storage Service

Answer.) Simple Storage Service

5.) Which of the following is not true about Amazon Glacier

A.) Optimized for data for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable
B.) Services enable rapid disaster recovery
C.) Optimized for data that is infrequently accessed
D.) Secure and durable storage for data archiving and backup

Answer.) Services enable rapid disaster recovery

6.) What does ARN stand for?

A.) Amazon Resource Network
B.) Amazon Reserved Network
C.) Amazon Resource Name
D.) Amazon Risk free Network

Answer.) Amazon Resource Name

7.) Does Stopping and Terminating instances have the same effect?

A.) False
B.) True

Answer.) False

8.) Are the Reserved Instances available for Multi-AZ Deployments?

A.) Available for all instance types
B.) Not Available for Reserved Instances
C.) Only available for M3 instance types
D.) Multi-AZ Deployments are only available for Cluster Compute instance types

Answer.) Available for all instance types

9.) Which of these services will help in better availability

A.) RDS and EBS
B.) SNS and SES
C.) Instance store and spot instances
D.) load balancer and auto-scaling

Answer.) SNS and SES

10.) Service-oriented architecture advocates______

A.) EaaS
B.) PaaS
C.) laas
D.) Saas

Answer.) EaaS

11.) If I want my instance to run on a single-tenant hardware, which value do I have to set
the instance’s tenancy attribute to?

A.) Dedicated
B.) Isolated
C.) One
D.) Reserved

Answer.) Dedicated

12.) How can you restrict access to the contents delivered in Cloudfront?

B.) bucket policy
C.) All the options mentioned
D.) Origin access identity

Answer.) Origin access identity

13.) Does Amazon support region-based services on all Services?

A.) False
B.) True

Answer.) False

14.) Which service in AWS allows you to create and delete stacks of AWS resources which
are defined in templates?

A.) CloudFront
B.) Route 53
C.) Redshift
D.) CloudFormation

Answer.) CloudFormation

15.) The committee which designs the standards & characteristics for the cloud computing is


Answer.) NIST

16.) Route 53 can be used to route users to infrastructure outside of AWS

A.) False

Answer.) TRUE

17.) What is the boot time for an Instance store-backed instance?

A.) 15 minutes
B.) Around 5 minutes
C.) 1 minute
D.) 10 minutes

Answer.) Around 5 minutes

18.) Which is a fully managed desktop computing service

A.) AWS Data Pipeline
B.) Amazon Workspaces
C.) Amazon Direct Connect
D.) Amazon ElastiCache

Answer.) Amazon Workspaces

19.) What’s the maximum size of the S3 bucket?

A.) 1 GB
B.) 100 TB
C.) 100 GB
D.) 5 TB

Answer.) 5 TB

20.) How will you secure the data at rest in EBS?

A.) restrict access using lAM that prevents write operations to the EBS
B.) Placement groups
C.) security groups and ACLS
D.) EBS data is secure and always

Answer.) Restrict access using lAM that prevents write operations to the EBS

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