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These are some Jasper Report reference questions that may come in your interview or any other subjective exams. Please note that all questions and answers are based on our research and self-study. If you missed the latest MCQs post on our site please visit once.

1) What is Report?

Basically, reports are representing the data. It can be in any format like tabular data or text data, or maybe you are putting some images, say, for example, you are a sales manager or maybe you are involved in the marketing team and you are going for a meeting, so obviously you will prepare for it. So what will next? You will bring a summary of the data. So that is a report and it can be the format of PDF or Excel file.

Reports can have charts like bar charts and pie charts, for example, to represent sales data. Some examples, as I said, are sales reports, another one is a report card of the student.

2. What are Jasper Reports?

Jasper Report is an open-source Java reporting tool that can write and generate reports from the Database and java application. It can be used in Java-enabled applications, like Java EE or web applications, to generate dynamic content.

  • It is an open-source tool to generate reports.
  • It offers different formulas like PDF, HTML, XLS, Docs, and many others.
  • Jasper reports are having XML format i.e. jrxml extension.
  • Compiling this JRXML file gives the .jasper file.
3. What is the difference between Irepot and JasperReport?

Basically, iReport is the report designer and Jasper Report is the reporting engine. But we can also design reports in Jaspersoft studio or we can say jasper report.

4.  Main features of JasperReports?
  • It helps to produce Pixel Perfect Reporting
  • It helps to produce Pixel Perfect ReportingAdHoc Reporting
  • It helps to produce Pixel Perfect ReportingAdvanced analytic functions
  • It helps to produce Pixel Perfect ReportingInteractive user interface
  • It helps to produce Pixel Perfect ReportingPerformance and scalability
  • It helps to produce Pixel Perfect Reporting Graphical design environment
  • It is good Connectors
  • It has ELT support (ELT connector support for Oracle, DB2, Postgres, IBM/Netezza, EMC/Greenplum, Teradata, and SAP/Sybase IQ, The ELT template jobs for re-use, undo some action)
  • It has a flexible report layout.
  • It is capable of delivering data textually or graphically.
  • It allows developers to deliver data in multiple ways.
  • It can accept data from numerous data sources.
  • It can also generate watermarks.
  • It has a subreports facility.
  • It is capable of exporting reports to a variety of formats.
5. How to set up a Java project with Jasper?

The first thing is we need to add a jasper report dependency in our Pom.xml. if you are using maven, So we need to add this dependency in the POM.xml file in the java project.

6. What do you understand by Multiple ways to supply data features, Can you explain?

JasperReports allows developers to supply the data to a report through the report parameters(Report parameters can be instances of any Java class). Data can also be passed to a report by using special classes called data sources they can be XML type, Db, CSV, .Jar, etc. Report parameters and data sources can be combined to maximize flexibility.

7. Name any three primary Jasper Managers classes?
  • net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperCompileManager: Use for compiling a JRXML report template.
  • net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperFillManager: Use for filling a report with data from a data source.
  • net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperPrintManager: Use for printing the documents generated by the JasperReports library.
8. What is jasper Assistant?

Jasper Assistant is a visual report designer for Jasper Reports that is developed and distributed as an eclipse plugin.

9. What is Crosstab in Jasper Report?

Crosstab (cross-tabulation) are the reports containing tables that sort data across rows and columns in a tabular form. The Crosstab object is used for inserting a crosstab report within the main report. 


jasper report
10. How to set dynamic main report width when using crosstab?

For a single crosstab use the attribute ignoreWidth=”true”

11. How to stop jasper detail band duplicate data of table?

Add this in print when expression for detail band and in the table also: $V{REPORT_COUNT}==1

12. How to stop showing timestamps while printing a date?

Write in static text properties pattern tab=’MM/dd/yyyy’ or write in code also:

<textField pattern='MM/dd/yyyy'>

13. How to add the second and 3rd pages in a jasper report?

You can add multiple detail bands or you can add a summary band for 2nd page

14. What is JasperSoft Studio?

Jaspersoft Studio is a powerful desktop report designer tool for developing data visualizations and full-fledged reports. Presenting the industry’s most advanced design environment, it enables to the creation of highly formatted, pixel-perfect reports.

15.  Write a sample code to show an image on the jasper report?

<image> <imageExpression class="java.lang.String">
      <![CDATA[$P{REPORTS_DIR} + "/images/pics.jpg"]]>

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