Azure Storage Services & Azure Database Services

Azure Storage is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution for modern enterprises and applications to store data. To know more about Azure storage click here. Cloud Computing is on a surge with the rise of the internet. Many services are available through the cloud, and one among them is storage service.

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1. Your Azure storage account is consistently replicated to ensure durability and high availability. By default, which of the following replications schemes is used?
RA-GRS — Correct

2. In which type of Storage replication, data is not replicated across multiple data centers?
LRS — Correct

3. What type of storage account is backed by magnetic drives and provides the lowest cost per GB?
Standard — Correct

4. The maximum size for a file share is 5 TBs.
True — Correct

5. Premium storage disks for virtual machines support up to 64 TBs of storage.
True — Correct

6. Geo-replication is enabled by default in Windows Azure Storage.
Yes — Correct

7. If you choose this redundancy strategy, you cannot convert to another redundancy strategy without creating a new storage account and copying the data to the account.
ZRS — Correct

8. Which type of storage offering uses SSDs and is intended for use with Virtual machines?
Premium — Correct

9. You add a data disk to an Azure virtual machine. What drive type is created?
SCSI — Correct

10. Geo Redundancy is to provide high availability in…
Geographically — Correct

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