Jenkins Interview Questions 2023

This is 20 question set of Jenkins Interview Questions. Please NOTE that all questions and answers are based on our research and self-study.

Jenkins Interview Questions & Answers:

1. Which of the following statement is not true about Jenkins?
Ans: Jenkins is highly secure and does not need any special security provisioning

2. Originally Jenkins was developed as the Hudson project?
Ans: True

3. The plugin that changes Jenkins to use green balls instead of blue for successful builds is?
Ans: Build status

4. Jenkins is a/an __ which can accelerate the software development process.
Ans: open source automation server

5. The expression * */8 * * * indicates which of the following action :
Ans: The job runs every 8th Hour

6. ……………….is a continuous integration tool.
Ans: Maven

7. Jenkins is capable of displaying the build reports, generating trends, and can render them in the GUI?
Ans: True

8. The available options under the ‘Build Step’ section vary depending on the plugins installed?
Ans: True

9. Jenkins can be configured to check for changes on a URL to trigger the build?
Ans: True

10. File Fingerprinting is used for:
Ans: Manage job dependencies

11. What does Jenkins do?


  • Compiles and builds the code
  • Runs an internal shell or command line script
  • Starts execution of the integration tests
  • Monitor execution of tasks
  • Stops build in case of failure
  • Notify the user of the build status
  • Deploy in test or production environments

12. What is a CI/CD pipeline?

Ans: CI/CD Pipeline has assumed the DevOps approach’s backbone. The pipeline is accountable for building codes, running tests, and deploying new software versions in the system.

13. Name the three different types of pipelines in Jenkins?


  • CI/CD pipeline 
  • Scripted pipeline
  • Declarative pipeline

14. What are the Capacities of Jenkins Credentials?

Ans: It can be of one of two areas- Global & System

15. Who developed Jenkins?

Ans: Jenkins was primarily developed by Kuhsoke Kawaguchi.

16. Where we can find Jenkins’s war file?

Ans: The Jenkins war file will be inside the MSI file. 

17. Can we use Jenkins for Unit Testing?

Ans: Yes.

18. How can we stop a Jenkins job from being executed temporarily?

Ans: Disable the project

19. Which scope of credentials is good for Jenkins’ core functionalities?

Ans: System

20. Can we integrate Microsoft Active Directory for Login with Jenkins?

Ans: Yes

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