Artificial Intelligence MCQ Questions & Answers

This is the set of artificial intelligence MCQ questions & Answers (MCQs).

Multiple Choice Questions of Artificial Intelligence MCQ Questions & Answers

1) Set of actions for a problem in state space is formulated by a ______.

a) Goal state
b) Intermediate states
c) Initial state
d) The Successor function, which takes current action and returns the next immediate state.

Answer is d)

2) A genetic algorithm (G) is a technique used for ___________ .

a) dynamic
b) search
c) Initial state
d) static

Answer is c)

3) Properties of agents are

a) intelligence
b) all of the above
c) ability
d) memory

Answer is b)

4) The following is not an expert system component.

a) inference engine
b) knowledge base
c) user interface
d) Template

Answer is d)

5) What is state space?

a) The whole problem
b) Your Definition of a problem
c) Problem you design
d) Representing your problem with variable and parameter

Answer is d)

6) the following, is an expert system of the component?

a) user interface
b) inference engine
c) All of the above
d) Knowledgebase

Answer is a)

7) Which search method takes less memory?

a) Depth-First Search
b) Breadth-First Search
c) Linear Search
d) Optimal search

Answer is a)

8) Which search uses the problem-specific knowledge beyond the defined?

a) Uninformed search
b) Breadth-first search
c) depth-first search
d) Informed search

Answer is d)

9) First-Order Logic is also known as ___________

a) First Order Predicate Calculus
b) Resolution
c) Higher-Order Calculus
d) Expression

Answer is a)

10) What kind of clauses are available in Conjunctive Normal Form?

a) Disjunction of literals
b) Disjunction of variables
c) Conjunction of literals
d) Conjunction of variables

Answer is a)

11) “Vx: LoyalTo (x, y)” from the following sentence “Vx” refers,

a) Existential quantifier
b) variable
c) constant
d) Universal quantifier

Answer is c)

12) Which is mainly used for automated reasoning?

a) Backward chaining
b) Forward chaining
c) Logic programming
d) Parallel programming

Answer is c)

13) Which algorithm places two activities into a plan without specifying which should come first??

a) Full-order planner
b) Total-order planner
c) Semi-order planner
d) Partial-order planner

Answer is d)

14) What kind of clauses are available in Conjunctive Normal Form?

a) Conjunction of literals
b) Disjunction of literals
c) Conjunction of variables
d) Disjunction of variables

Answer is b)

15) What is present in the planning graph?

a) Sequence of levels
b) Literals
c) Variables
d) Heuristic estimates

Answer is a)

16) Inductive learning involves finding a

a) Consistent Hypothesis
b) Inconsistent Hypothesis
c) Regular Hypothesis
d) Irregular Hypothesis

Answer is a)

17) How many types of artificial neural network topologies

a) 3
b) 5
c) 2
d) 4

Answer is c)

18) The action of the Simple reflex agent completely depends upon

a) Perception of history
b) Current perception
c) Learning theory
d) Utility functions

Answer is b)

19) Agents behaviour can be best described by

a) Perception sequence
b) Agent function
c) Sensors and Actuators
d) The environment in which the agent is performing

Answer is b)

20) Expert systems are

a) Code-Based systems
b) Rule-Based Systems
c) Graph-Based Systems
d) Image-based system

Answer is b)

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